Yesterday I had a flare-up and needed an IV


Hurry! The woman needs an IV and she needs it now!

Yesterday I was reading a blog and came across a sentence about an “alternate lifestyle.”  No doubt, the writer meant “alternative lifestyle.” Alternate in that context would mean rotating or taking turns; alternative, used with lifestyle, means an unconventional or nontraditional choice.


But because I really can’t help it, I started imagining a lifestyle where two people alternate.


“Okay, honey, now you are me, and I am you.”


“Whee, that was fun, now I’m me, and you’re you!”


“Let’s try it again.”


“Whoa, this alternate lifestyle is life-changing!”


After I amused myself for a while, I checked out the author of the blog. It was I, which is good grammar but it sounds wrong because “me” is what we always hear.


Yes, I was the blogger who typed alternate instead of alternative. The same blogger who is sometimes a slug, sometimes the Texan Word Slinger, sometimes a mouseburger, and sometimes other personas yet to be revealed. That may be the true “alternate lifestyle,” although maybe it’s multiple personality disorder. (I’ll leave the resolution of that argument to the slug and The Texan Word Slinger.)


As you know, from this previous post, I suffer from blog blindness. It’s chronic, intermittent, non-life threatening (so far), and incurable. Yesterday, I had an acute flare-up. So bad, in fact, that I needed intervention.

I needed an IV.


I corrected the problem last night, right after I got the IV: Alternate + IV = Alternative.



23 thoughts on “Yesterday I had a flare-up and needed an IV

  1. Shame on you! I wish I had an alternate lifestyle… I may try it with Luke later today 😀 Oh, the fun to be had! Thank goodness for the IV, we may have been alternate forever; perpetually lost in the sea of turn-taking and change.

  2. I believe you may have a rotating lifestyle–or, if that smacks too much of the celebrated whirling dervish, a rotational lifestyle.
    By the way, I’ve been trying for some years to find a children’s (and/or nonsense) poem with stanzas ending “and whirl and whirl and whirl and whirl and whirl and whirl and whirl.” The gist of the last stanza is that repeating a word overmuch can render it meaningless. This is a point I want frequently to make, in various contexts. Google can’t find it. Do you know it, by any chance? I’m pretty sure the title has “whirling dervish” in it.

    • You always explain things so well, RAB. That rotating lifestyle of mine explains why I’m so dizzy all of the time.

      I’m sorry, but I’m not familiar with the poem you mentioned. I looked on Google too, and can’t find anything close to that. It sounds like something children would like. I remember repeating words over and over until they lost all meaning.

  3. How dumn am me? I didn’t connect the spelling difference until you pointed out the equation at the end. Alternate+iv=alternative, so cle(a)ver of you..If you pull out the IV, and put it back in you have an alternate life style?

  4. Personally, I like the idea of an alternate lifestyle as you just described it. Switching around would be fun for a change. In fact, I often plan that on the next go round, I’m going to get in the male line when gender is being handed out. I started calculating my move when my kids were swinging from the curtains while my head was hanging in the toilet, and their father left for work smelling great and wearing the starched shirt I had ironed. No need for more examples.

    • I’ve often wondered what it’s like to be a man. From the outside, it looks easy. I’m sure from a man’s perspective it’s not. Now that my husband is starting to cook and prepare meals for me, I’m getting a little taste of it and I like it.

    • I always give other people the benefit of the doubt, and honestly, I do not read searching for typos. But with my own stuff, sometimes I go back to it, the way a kid with bandaid keeps taking it off to see how bad it is. : )

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