The first time I had the opportunity to go to Europe, I brought back lots of pictures. Everyone agreed that every other picture was great. No one liked the pictures of my finger, which is a bit of a camera hog (plus it never smiles). But what they objected to were all of the pictures of doors. “You went to Europe, and you took pictures of doors!”


I happen to like doors. So much hinges on them: they let us in from the cold and welcome us home, they hide our secrets, they keep us out and force us to find another way.  In honor of 2012, the new door into our future, here are a few of those photos and what they taught me.


Sometimes you have to knock. It can be intimidating.



Sometimes a small path leads to a big door.




Sometimes the door will already be open. Go in.




Sometimes you have to go further in, to search for the right door.




Sometimes the most beautiful door is barred. It often holds dead men’s bones. You will find a better door.




Sometimes the door that looks the least promising leads you home.




Sometimes the best door is the one that leads you out.




Sometimes the door is so narrow, only the soul can squeeze through.



Sometimes you have to choose. One door leads to another, so you will probably never go back to the other one. It’s okay.




Sometimes the smaller door will get you to the same place as the bigger one.



Sometimes inside and outside the door are equally pleasant. Enjoy your wait.



May you find a welcome mat at door 2012.