After Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer, Would Someone Please Answer My Question?


It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and I want to be serious and say something really profound, but in the midst of so much awareness, I keep pondering a question that I feel demands an answer: why do we call them training bras?


I mean, what can you train them to do? When you get them, they already know how to sit up and fetch (in a manner of speaking). But when they grow older, they just lie down and play dead. That’s it. No other tricks, no opposable thumbs, nothing, nada.


But since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I want to be supportive. Or at least say something uplifting. Get things off my chest. Make a couple of points. And yes, I know that I am pun-ishing you. I can’t help it. (And the beauty of the internet is that I can’t hear your groaning.)


Don’t neglect getting your mammogram and check-ups. Early detection gives you a greater chance of beating the cancer. You can read about some of the latest research at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. The backstory is inspiring: a promise to a dying sister starts a worldwide movement that has touched millions of lives and helped save many of them.


Now I know what I’m going to make my sister promise when I’m on my deathbed. Find out why we call them training bras.

9 thoughts on “After Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer, Would Someone Please Answer My Question?

  1. kkkkatie

    No way I’m chasing down the training bra thing…never had any to train in the first place. The burning question on my mind is, how can they call it permanent hair color when I have to repeat the messy process every couple of months?! Seems like false advertising to me, in the same category as those “slimming jeans”. So, no world wide phenomenon for you, little sis.

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