I Wonder Who Planted More Apples, Johnny Appleseed or Steve Jobs


In 1996, friends in Japan gave us an Apple computer, a first generation PowerBook. It seemed more like a little treasure box than a computer. My only other point of reference was a Wang computer I used for a year at a job. No comparison.


Random thought: I always wanted to work at Wang and answer the phone, “You wang? Sorry, wong number.” Alas, I never had the chance; they went bankrupt.


Anyway, back to that Apple computer. It was love at first click. In fact, I’ve never even looked at a PC, much less flirted with one. (I’m forced to use non-Macs at work, but I always wash my hands when I get home.) At home, we are completely Applefied – computer, phones, and other gadgets. We compute, write, work, surf, and connect on our devices. They’re like a tiny electronic orchard that we tend to, plugging them into the wall for a little “Apple juice” when they get thirsty.


We enjoy them. And part of that enjoyment is their ease and elegance. A perfect blend of beauty and utility.


For that, we can thank Steve Jobs. He spent his career planting Apples around the world, which made a lot of people happy, including us. He will be missed.