Awards for the rest of us


When I started blogging, I checked the Freshly Pressed homepage to find blogs to read. Then I discovered the Topics page and searched that way. Once I found blogs I liked, I checked out their blog rolls or went to the blogs of those who commented. On those blogs I found more blog rolls and more comments.


I don’t cook anymore because I’m too busy learning how to make (and spell) bouillabaisse; my house is a mess, but I know how to make environmentally safe cleaning products and how to organize my closets; and I rarely speak to my husband because I’m too busy reading the five blogs I found that tell you the secrets to a happy marriage. Plus, there’s the stat-checking, which reminds me.


Hi. I’m back.


But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Yesterday I did check out Freshly Pressed, and I saw somebody I knew! In blog talk, that means a blogger that I follow and who follows me. Unlike in the real world, in the blog world, you want a bunch of strangers to follow you. Whoever has the most stalkers wins. But to have stalkers, you must stalk; so it’s difficult to know who is following who. It’s like riding a carousel but without the music. I’m the one on the Palomino.


But that’s not what I want to talk about today either. (Going round and round like that makes me dizzy!) Kate of Views and Mews of Coffee Kat got Freshly Pressed. Not Kate herself because that would hurt, but her blog. Go see right now; there is not a wrinkle in sight. That’s how good those WordPress ironers are.


Congratulations, Kate. Don’t worry about the rest of us and our wrinkly blogs. We’ll manage somehow.


I’ve been tirelessly working on a list of awards for the rest of us. See below. Please feel free to add your ideas.

Freshly Blessed – for blogs with a spiritual emphasis

Freshly Blessed















Freshly Dressed (fowl division) – for cooking blogs

Freshly Dressed (fowl division)









Freshly Dressed (human division) – for fashion blogs












Freshly Messed – for blogs about home renovation

Freshly Messed











Freshly Stressed – for mommy blogs

Freshly Stressed










Freshly Tressed – for blogs about hair styling


Freshly Tressed













Pressed Flesh (G-rated) – for blogs about pregnancy

Pressed Flesh (G-rated)













Frenchly Pressed – for blogs about coffee and the French press

Frenchly Pressed