The weight of snow


Snow laden pine



Today the snow fell.



The pine trees stood in the silence to catch the falling sky. Two crows watched, unaware or unconcerned. The pines had nowhere else to go. When their limbs grew tired, they laid their burdens down. Snow scattered on the ground, startling the crows.



The birch trees are bones picked clean by the wind. Summer’s silver leaves lost long ago.



I have never loved the trees more than now.



The snow knows something of letting go, words unspoken, worlds lost, vanishing hour by hour. I think a bush grew there; I can’t remember. My familiar path is gone. I am left with only memories.



The snow knows too much of death to make a sound. It writes without words — shows, but never tells. See, you will not drown in this white flood. Winter stills the water and commands it to sit at her feet. In spring, the water will move again, seeking the earth’s heart, flowing down, down into the River Lethe, drowning all your memories of this world.



The blue shades grow large. I watch them lumber across the yard into the night.



I promise myself I will not forget this day.


31 thoughts on “The weight of snow

  1. snow seems so light when it comes down… barely any weight at all… like a little disagreement with someone you love. and so when it lays heavy on a branch, tearing it from the trunk… raw wood exposed… it is such a surprise. Good to hear from you, yearstricken… always good to hear from you…

  2. There is just so much here…..your words are full. I use the same words and cannot make them work together as they do for you. I love reading your words and the pictures they evoke. Thank you!

      • Ha, we were given a “monster” snow blower by a friend who was moving, but our needs are more modest, so much so, that my wife says the machine is running me. I’ve only used it twice in two years (so far) and there is definitely a learning curve involved. And I’m sure my neighbors have had a few laughs at my antics. So if I can make someone smile, it’s a good thing. Happy New Year Y.S.

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