The Christmas Imp, AKA, the Creche Crasher


Once upon a Christmas Eve, baby Jesus went missing.

Where is baby Jesus?

“Mary is pining away,” the angels gossiped.

The angels gossip

“I’m secretly incensed,” said one of the wise men.

Another wiseman

“It was my golden opportunity,” another wise man said.

A wiseman

Joseph looked everywhere.


Mary prayed.


“I think this is the wrong tale,” said Eeyore.


“Moo,” said the cow.

The cow

“Baa,” said the sheep.

The sheep“Sugar cubes,” said the horse.

The horse

“I have that sinking feeling that he’s gone,” said Santa to the Nutcracker.

I said, %22Down the chimney, not the drain.%22
“I’d give my right arm to find him,” said the Nutcracker.

The Nutcracker

“I know where he is,” the Imp said.

The imp

Safe beneath the wings of the blue angels.

Safe and secure

So they brought the child to Mary and Joseph, and lo, an orchid bloomed and hung above his head. And all the people, angels, and animals rejoiced, even the Imp.


20 thoughts on “The Christmas Imp, AKA, the Creche Crasher

  1. hello, ms. yearstricken… lovely set of christmas decor, funny narrative, too. btw, is that the grandchild, huh? happy yuletide season to you and your loved ones. hope the new year will bring you new cheers. warm regards… 🙂 ~ San

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