Why do drivers think I will go faster if they get so close that I can see their nose hairs? I don’t have any extra nose tweezers for them, and if I did, how would I give the tweezers to them. Throw the nose hair clippers violently through their windshield while doing 65 mph? Hmm, that actually sounds quite nice.

I need a bumper sticker that says, “I brake QUICKLY for tailgaters.” Or maybe, “I BREAK arms and legs of tailgaters.”

Wish me luck on my morning commute. It looks grumpy outside today.

4 thoughts on “Tailgaters

  1. Once I retire, I will be much more diligent about checking my brakes and helping others check theirs. Until then, I need to get to work with at least my car in tact, if not my sanity.

  2. “It looks grumpy outside today.”

    thank you … I needed a good belly laugh today.

    maybe tomorrow, when my frown is bending my face, I’ll remember this, and laugh.

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