My bucket’s list



  1. Spend one day without getting kicked


  1. Find the end of the rainbow and hold the gold


  1. Get a handle on why my most important work always goes down the drain


  1. Go to the beach and keep my bottom sand-free


  1. Chill out with champagne


  1. Make people stop trying to carry tunes in me


  1. Take part in the ALS ice bucket challenge


  1. Visit the bottom of the wishing well and bring home some cash


  1. Learn how to empty myself through meditation


10. Kick one person before I die


29 thoughts on “My bucket’s list

  1. Margie

    Did your bucket get to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge? Two of my daughters took the challenge and just before their buckets were dumped on their heads, they looked straight at me and were, I think, on the verge of nominating me to be next. For some reason, their feet got cold before the ice hit them, and they nominated someone else.

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