Why all the fuss about youth in Asia?



Why road

Why are we heading in this direction?


I do a fair amount of driving. Some of it involves my car, but a lot of it involves driving people crazy. I know every back road to crazy there is and can get you there faster than you can buckle a strait jacket.


When I drive my car, NPR (National Public Radio) or WPR (Wisconsin Public Radio) often rides shotgun. They always have something interesting to say, and of course, I have interesting things to say back because, yes, I talk to the radio. Don’t you?


Many of their programs allow people to call in with comments and questions, and whenever the topic is healthcare, someone inevitably mentions youth in Asia.


What exactly are people so afraid of? Have youth in Asia done something to them? Should I be afraid? Is there some conspiracy going on that people are trying to prevent me from knowing about?


I have lived in Asia, and I had no problem with the youth there. Yes, there are a lot them, but I think there are youth everywhere. I’ve seen quite a few at the mall near my house.


Dear reader, are you equally troubled and full of questions? I assume you are if you are reading this blog. And I bet I know which question you are asking right now: Are we there yet?




No, dear friend, not yet. Crazy is just a little further down the road.




29 thoughts on “Why all the fuss about youth in Asia?

  1. I would like to send a funny comment. But I think this “youth in Asia” issue is rather serious.
    If Asia becomes predominantly male, through abortion, exposure, etc., I think the world is in
    for a lot of new problems.

  2. hmmm. I hadn’t hear that there was a problem of the youth in Asia. But then, I haven’t seen you drive anyone crazy yet. It could be that I’m looking at things from too far away. In any case, I often talk back to the radio… sometimes whisper a few thing to tables and chairs too… and always like to hear what you have on your mind, year stricken… though this time, I’ve been a little baffled. Could it be that recreation has come to mean something else in America, and no one makes children anymore… and they’re taken aback by the fact that they still do that in Asia?

  3. Apparently I am the only one who got Youth In Asia. But then I’m on my second glass of wine.

    And as the mother of a 21 year old, I think Youth In ‘Merica is problematic, too.

  4. Emily Latella (Gilda Radner) would be very proud of your post today.. But she would have ended it with “NEVERMIND” I’m going to put “CRAZY” as a destination into my GPS and see where it takes me, probably to the mall, where all of those “yutes” (thank you Joe Pesci in “My Cousin Vinny”) hang out..

  5. Mad Queen Linda

    Aargh! You had me for quite a while there. But I’m proud to say I figured it out. I still feel “had” though.

  6. Margie

    I was dead set against youth-in-asia until recent events with an aging friend with advanced Alzheimer’s. She died when she fell and hit her head – shortly after starting her residence in an Alzheimers Care Facility. I now know how I’d prefer to leave this earth!

  7. Trust me, I live in Crazy–you can’t drive me there. For the most part, I’ve made it work for me–though I find those road signs quite unreliable. I enjoyed my visit here!

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