Wisconsin accused of vowel play in Senate race!



Accusations are flying right and left about the upcoming Senate race here in Wisconsin. Of course, most, if not all, of the alleged accusations about vowel play originated on my computer because I needed a catchy headline for this post.


But I didn’t make up the part about the vowels. Wisconsin’s fate hinges on vowels – those joiners of consonants, the chatty members of the alphabet who always make their voices heard. They are the ones who mingle at the word parties and call out, “Group hug!” Vowels pull in the recalcitrant consonants who would just stand there speechless otherwise.


So on November 6, Wisconsinites will play political Wheel of Fortune and pick a vowel – an “a” or an “o.” Our next Senator will be a Tammy or a Tommy, that is, a Tam or a Tom.


The Tam, Ms. Baldwin (whose last name may already predict the outcome), threw her hat into the ring one year ago. I like to envision her throwing a tam into the ring (one of those woolen bonnets with a pom-pom on top, worn by the Scots and called a Tam o’Shanter.) Sadly, for no one else but me, Ms. Baldwin was not born into the O’Shanter family. By winning the election, Ms. Baldwin hopes to put a feather in her tam. The feather, of course, would be one plucked from the Tom she is running against.


The Tom, Mr. Thompson, hopes to defeat Ms. Baldwin and change that “a” in her last name to his favorite vowel, the “o.” It’s easy to snicker at the fact that tom is short for turkey, but remember, Benjamin Franklin, famous for ousting other presidents off the one hundred dollar bill since 1928, wanted the turkey to be our national symbol instead of the eagle.


As you know if you read this blog (and if you do, you have my sympathy), I have chosen to keep my thoughts on the best choice to myself. I plan to choose a vowel on November 6, but that’s between me and Alex Trebek.



29 thoughts on “Wisconsin accused of vowel play in Senate race!

  1. Like my students, I prefer an “A” to an “O,” which looks so much like a “0”…. But not being a resident of Wisconsin I should keep my vowels under control….

  2. Love it. Being immediately south of your border, Illinois has its own share of vowels, but sadly, no A’s or O’s. Your post has prompted me to think (always a dangerous state of affairs) that perhaps the Land of Lincoln should be launching an investigation. Personally I suspect the consonants (you know how they are). While I follow your counsel in not telling many people you make me laugh, here I am…laughing. STOP IT!
    Dan (1-vowel)

  3. This is ridiculously off-topic, but have you ever seen the somewhat recent SNL bits with Alex Trebek? I think you would love them.

    Regarding your story, I am always amazed by the way you can loop out and loop back in, and then out and back in, and then make a fantastic, solid landing! You are so funny, YS!

    • I haven’t see the SNL bits but will look online. I watch almost zero TV because of time and the Internet, but my mom watched “her shows” religiously, so I did watch them with her sometimes. For some reason, I always liked Alex Trebek the best.

      • The Alex Trebek pieces are from the 2000s when Tina Fey was the head writer. The bits consist of faux Alex Trebek getting taunted by faux Sean Connery (with various random celebrities). It’s very silly. I don’t know if you will find it funny or dumb. (And either response is okay!)

        I knew a family of ten that used to get together every evening for dinner and Jeopardy!— it’s a fun show. What a nice memory of your mother!

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