22 thoughts on “Notes from the Lost and Found

  1. The feeling of not being wanted as a child was terrifying. Identity lost, retreating into silence and imaginary parallels. YS, how do you resolve that as an adult? Can it be resolved? Thank you again for your words.

    • I think people deal with it in different ways. My deepest healing came when I reconciled with my mother. I had to accept the pain that I carried; once I did, it lost its power.

  2. There’s not many babies that leave the womb without a good cry, nor many children who leave their parent’s home without some complaints… you portray the heartbreak here… and I remember my own… probably a lot of others will too. That’s one of the risks of art; all the more so now, with talkbacks… there’ll be a lot of crying in blogland tonight…

  3. I’ve been out of commision for a while and just now getting caught up on your blog. You still make me cry from the sadness in your heart, but you make me laugh even more from the depth of joy in your heart. Of all the blogs I read, yours is my favourite. i wanted to tell you that.

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