Sadly, One of My Students is Failing


First, it’s important that you understand that as a teacher I try my hardest to help my students succeed.

Yesterday, one of my top students asked me what I was going to do for Halloween. I told him that I planned on staying home and passing out candy. Then he asked if I was going to dress up. “No,” I said, “every Halloween is the same; I always just go as myself.”

Later in the hall, I overhead this once bright student tell another student, “Teacher goes as a witch every Halloween.”

It makes me sad to see a student’s grade plummet like that.

Thankfully, I had lots of chocolate at home to console myself.


Tears for the Student Who is Failing

10 thoughts on “Sadly, One of My Students is Failing

  1. Evidently…I blame his parents. Sorry. I was taught from early years that it’s mean to judge ANYONE’s appearance. Nevertheless, most kids think everyone over thirty five are old and ugly. I brought my kid up the same way.

    I once had a kid come up to me and say..”You’ve got HOLES in your nose!” And he was right, I have big pores! LOL! Astringent bottles are all over the house.

    Nevertheless,all of us would feel the same way. Hopefully, you didn’t take his grades down because you felt he insulted you. Our culture promotes youth and beauty, does it not? . It’s very hard for women to get older.

    I know, I’m having a problem with it too.

    Thanks for sharing.

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