My brain won’t work – it’s Perry-lized


Frozen brain is now Perry-lized

As easy as it would be to make fun of Rick Perry and his brain freeze, I will refrain. I myself am in a fast moving vehicle without any brakes on the road called life. The last sign I saw said 60, and it wasn’t the speed limit.


According to an article on, the technical term for “I plumb fergot” is “retrieval failure.” Apparently, there’s a bit of a distance from the part of the brain that wags the tongue to the so-called memory banks. That means every time you’re talking and want to remember something, you have to walk to the bank and make a withdrawal. Depending on the brain you’re walking through, there’s a good chance you will get mugged or arrive there to find that your bank account is empty. This happens to me all the time.


Not only that, but memories, like teeth, can decay. Which is why we use the expression, “I need to brush up on that.” Learning is how you brush your brain and keep it shiny. Flossing is optional.


I had more to say on this subject. However, when I walked over to my memory bank, there was a big sign on the door that said, “Bank Holiday.”