I got my poetic license!


Long before I started blogging, I wanted a poetic license. But like so many of my dreams, I let go of it and tried to move on with my life. Blogging rekindled my desire and with the support and urging of my imagination, I decided to apply.


I had to submit all of my blog posts, and that was scary because I have a number of posts  that are about things that actually happened. I was afraid there would be too much truthy stuff on my blog, which would disqualify me.


The rules for getting a poetic license are strict, but thankfully only 70% of your writing (or in my case, typing) needs to comply. After several weeks of fact checking, the review board discovered that the majority of what I type is pure nonsense and includes only a modicum of truth. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me, to say nothing of my imagination, who suddenly feels vindicated.


I hope you all don’t mind me bragging a bit, but I’m happy this morning and feel like my efforts have finally paid off. I guess dreams do come true sometimes.


Still ironing out the wrinkles


Year-struck is being Freshly Pressed, and it’s taking a long time to get all of the wrinkles out. Sadly, only Yearstricken’s blog is wrinkle-free now. What with all the visitors, she considered getting freshly stretched by plastic surgery but that requires money. She’ll be back tomorrow as wrinkly as ever.


(Note to new readers: The Freshly Pressed post was from last week and was a lead-in to the post that followed, Math has Problems. Thank you for reading, commenting, and following.)