The calling


Dream world



Do you hear it

in the dark


before you slip

beneath the cover

of sleep?


Does it murmur

you awake

call you back to




between the worlds

do you hear

your heart whisper

what you must do?


You begin to see

there is an end

to the long tunnel

of time,

and your heart says,


before it is too late

let’s look

just one more time

for those dreams

we’ve heard so much about.


31 thoughts on “The calling

  1. Beautiful, and a beautiful picture.
    I used to, and sometimes still do even now after her death, hear my name called in a whisper that was still distinctly my mother’s voice, right at that drift-off-to-sleep point. The first few times, I called her up in a panic the next morning to see if anything was wrong. Eventually, though, I just went into sleep with it. It may be, as you put it, my heart calling.

  2. interesting… this is one step removed from the calling we usually hear about, this call to find those dreams… if they exist. The calling of a skeptic, one might think… though not willing to give up on what might be there… there is the suggestion of temptation. But could such a calling drag you from the hearth through the brambles to a mountain top or distant shore…

  3. Beautiful and thought provoking. I sometimes hear my mother who has been gone for 28 years. She continues to advise me from the grave which is both funny (she was very opinionated) and welcome (still miss her!).

  4. Sometimes the most powerful echoes are the ones emanating from within. I have come to depend on reading you (though I don’t admit it to anyone…) as a way to tap into my power source. Keep on keeping on. This whole package was so tight and uncluttered. Such good work…Dan

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