62 thoughts on “Twenty writing tips

      • You’d like her. She’s a cyto-geneticist. She once drew my blood sample and then sent me an official “caryotype” of my genetic code, pointing out that one of the chromosomes showed a high level of THC, which accounted for my persistant mellowness. I swallowed the bait for a day until I realized that even if my brain did secrete the same chemical as marihuana, it couldn’t possibly appear as a marker on one of my genes.

        Lucky she was several hundred miles away when I got that caryotype.

  1. Oh, dear. No “About” page to leave this on. Oh, well, this will have to do. 🙂 Congratulations, I’ve nominated Year-Struck.com to receive the Sunshine Award. Please go to http://anotherboomerblog.wordpress.com/awards/ to accept your award (download the graphic) and get the rules for acceptance. This is a wonderful way to network with fellow bloggers you admire and to expand the horizons of your readers. Job well done, nominee!

    • My “About” is over on the top right; you probably were looking for it on the left. Thank you for the award, but I have decided to refrain from blog awards as much I appreciate them and feel honored by them. Thank you so much. Hopefully some of those who commented here will check out your blog.

  2. Such a lovely “bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils”

    Well, with that many really sharp writing tips, it should take you awhile to wear them out…..especially if you are using a word processor 🙂

    Reading your posts is always a study in writing tips anyway.
    How many posts do you have now? “Way” more than 20 😉

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