How books find people: An introduction



The Perambulating Library (UK, 1858, Wikimedia Commons)


The book finds you.


In the library, you enter the sea of books; your eyes swim across the stacks, nibbling at the titles. Or the book lures your hand to the shelf to read some pages. Then, the book, the one that is hungry for you, catches you like a fish and reels you in. You may not even feel the hook. Using some sweet bait of words, the book snags your heart or mind and pulls you through its pages into a world or place so new, so old, so strange, so familiar, you can hardly breathe. And when you are thrown back into the world, you are not afraid. You come back to the places the books wait, angling for you.


You don’t find the book; the book finds you.


A book is looking for you; go to the library and let it find you.



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