If I’m not here, I’m there


At the end of the semester I received a large gift wrapped in calendar paper: three month’s worth of days. Each day is a gift certificate, good for 24 hours, to be used any way I choose.


I am taking three week’s worth of the certificates to Europe, where I will ramble around, stopping as often as possible to gape and wonder. I plan to use my eyes a lot. I’ll carry a camera and try to remember to use it. I placed a little sticky note on the camera: Your jaw is dropping again, please close it; the locals are staring.


The trip is a gift from my brother, large enough to include bringing one of my daughters and my grandchild. My life is full of unmerited favor and love, which explains why gratitude is splashing out of my eyes.


If you live in Europe, please look for me. I’ll be wearing still brown hair with newly added highlights, large-sized sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. I’m the small woman rambling with her feet and her mouth.



I hope to send some postcards now and then, as well as read and comment on other people’s blogs. If not, I have days and days of summer left to do just that.


In the next three weeks, if I’m not here on my blog, it means I’m there.


Until we meet again here, thank you for your months of reading, commenting, and liking. I like you back.


46 thoughts on “If I’m not here, I’m there

  1. Enjoy the Grand Tour. Where are you planning to go? To be honest there really are lots of gape-worthy places in Europe. I hope you enjoy them. And don’t forget while on your grand tour, when you hit Ireland that you have access to information on Irish issues available from a native. I not only speak (bad) Irish – just like most of my fellow-country-personages – I also speak the real Irish language e.g.
    Question to Irish person: “Will you do ….(insert unpleasant task)?”
    Answer of Irish person: “Oh, I will. I’ll definitely do that.”
    Translation – “No way! Are you joking? I wouldn’t do that in a million years.”

    It’s all in the tone. Irish people are pretty friendly, laugh a lot and are sarcastic as hell. It’s a winning combo. Watch Father Ted and pack a raincoat.

  2. Bon voyage. Your concept of a “calendar” is priceless. I will try to use my gift certificates wisely here at home. Keep us posted!

  3. the Urbane Cowgirl

    Fantabulous!!! Bon Voyage. Live large, and remember that there is no such thing as too much fun. And eat lots and lots of really good chocolate….they have that over there, y’know!

  4. *clapping hands*

    so happy for you to have this adventure … hope your days are filled with one wonderful new thing after another, until you are simply smothered in wonderful from head to toe. Have fun!

  5. Talk to me...I'm your Mother

    How lovely. I was wondering where you were but was so behind on my reading that I had missed this post. Enjoy!

  6. I can hardly wait to hear some of your observations/experiences…what a miracle in the making…to share time discovering new things along side your daughter and grand daughter…a beautiful moment! I lift up a prayer for safe travel and good health.

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