Winter is that boy your mother warned you about


You know the one that can’t keep his hands off you. Always trying to touch your bare skin. Winter always goes too far; you can ask him to stop, but he never will.


He’s like that wild boy in high school that spent all his time trying to be cool. Every minute of every day, as if being cool was all that mattered.



Sure, he brings you lovely presents, like that a line of snow-covered trees glittering in the sun, pretty as a rhinestone bracelet. But he’s cold-hearted and time after time leaves you out in the cold.


He likes to keep you guessing. One day he’ll warm up to you a bit, and the next day he’s standing in the street, shouting sleet at you, wearing that white muscle T-shirt and pushing you around.


He’ll chase you in and out of buildings; stalking you and moaning like a lovesick calf.


The relationship seemed so charming in the beginning when he would throw down that sparkly white carpet every time you walked out the door. For the holidays, he filled the sky with confetti, and you loved it. These last few months, though, you’ve been living in denial, telling yourself you can get used to it. But you can’t.


Winter has a cold and bitter heart. He thinks that pinching your cheeks and fingertips so hard you almost cry is acceptable. If you’re not careful, you’ll start believing that his behavior is normal. That, my friend, is a slippery slope to slide down.


When you finally tell him to get lost, he will wait on your porch every morning and blast you when you walk out the door. And as if that weren’t enough harassment, at night he’ll come by and rattle your windows, huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf that he is.


Fool that you are, you think you can reason with him. You decide on a date that he will move on and out of your life. You get out your calendar and circle the day, embellishing it with flowers, hearts, and butterflies. (I really don’t know what your mother would say about that.)


Then on the very day marked for his departure, he shows up at your door, stomping his boots and flashing his icy blue eyes, as if to say, you are mine forever. Then he points to the trees he has decorated, and you have to slam the door shut because as mean as he is, he really is a great decorator.


Me? I’m done with him. One of us has got to get out of town. If he’s not gone by the end of April, I’m going to have to leave or get some counseling.


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30 thoughts on “Winter is that boy your mother warned you about

  1. Awesome. You have captured this love/hate relationship perfectly. And I am right there with you. Kick him to the curb and get away!!!! FAST. He’s coming after you fast and furious.

  2. I’ve had enough! 22 degrees this morning. Record low high temperature yesterday. I got snow on my shoes when I cleared two inches of his white vomit off of my car. I refuse to put my winter boots on again this season. The roads were treacherous. I am thankful, though. It’s no longer dark when I get out of work, and my crocuses are blooming. Spring is winning, but it’s been a tougher fight this year.

    • It has been hard for spring this year. She’s doing her best. The latest snow cover is gone, the grass is mostly green, and the yards are full of robins and grackles pulling juicy worms out of the grass. It’s just so cold still that I have grown weary of it.

  3. Brilliant! When he shows his face again, though, in a few months time, be wary of the excitement he may instill in you after he begins to scatter frozen sparkles around your hair 🙂

  4. motherhendiaries

    …Wow… you’re good! Love this post – absolutely brilliant! The highlight of my winter romance was skiing in Italy in late December. It was a proper fairytale romance for a couple of weeks and I treasure the memories of confetti and lots of hot chocolate. Back here in England, however, reality set in with a bump. I pretty much wanted to kick him to the curb the minute we unpacked our bags. He left all his his romance back in Courmayeur and was a lousy decorator of all things English, throwing mud and water everywhere for 3 months straight. I’m pretty happy to see the “cool” kid finally go!

  5. A.PROMPTreply

    What an awesome post! Wonderful writing! You have captured so much here and picked the perfect illustrations to go along with it. A totally pleasurable experience this work! Thank you.

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