32 thoughts on “Notes from the Lost and Found: My still life

      • I liked that “still” was key (seeming) to the words on the left-hand side of the vase and “life” seemed to be what the right-hand text was about. I loved that the outline of the flowers was complete but details had only just begun to be filled in. The whole thing works in a wonderful way….

  1. I love that you can draw. In pencil. And it looks like a pencil sketch.
    I love that your words are filled with whimsy, and wonder, and wisdom.
    I love that your handwriting is neat, and precise, and tidy. Yes, it is.

    Mostly I love that you share all these little different versions of yourself.

    And that your words have me contemplating my tiny but vast existence.
    One more mote of dust, in a world swirling with gobzillions upon gobzillions;
    all exactly the same, and each one vastly different than the one before.

    thank goodness some of them know how to write,
    and how to sketch with a pencil,
    and tell the story with their insides on the outside.

    otherwise, how would we ever know?
    how would we ever get a chance to see?
    we would swirl and twirl,
    floating and falling through every day of our life
    and never see a single thing

      • I am full of … something.

        I had to laugh at your comment (although I know you intended it to be sincere) because when I think of all the labels I might attach to my being, I would have to say “poet” doesn’t even rank an honorable mention.

        But I thank you for the sentiment.

        And I really did enjoy this sketch, and the message.
        Somehow I wasn’t aware (yet) that you could sketch.

        You know how I said before that when I read your words, I don’t react how I usually do when I read something well-written? Usually I feel a tinge of jealousy, and wish I could have written whatever I’m reading. However, when I read your words, I’m always just appreciative, and grateful, and feel like I’ve been given a gift.

        The same doesn’t apply when referring to your ability to sketch.
        In that case, I’m just flat-out jealous. Sorry. *shrugs shoulders*

        • Seriously. Never divulge your artistic secrets. I prefer to believe that you intentionally left it partially drawn as a way of illustrating the inescapable truth of our impermanence, as is, “back to dust.”

          I won’t tell, if you won’t.

  2. The other day I said to my husband “I feel it but I cannot explain it.” Of course, he was bewildered…I am glad someone else knows what I was talking about.

  3. There should be an automatic like button for whenever I come to your blog, because I know I’m going to like the post even before I read it. You care about language, and I “like” that.

  4. To say something huge in as less words as you can, encompassing so much in such little space is ultimately the art I most love. Beautifully written. I floated along with you. 🙂

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