Blogging away from home


I’m blogging away from home today and have packed up my words and taken them over to Bluebird Blvd. Courtenay invited me to spend the day there to do a guest post. You are welcome to join us. Just click here.


Courtenay keeps all her words at Bluebird Blvd and shares them with whoever stops by. You’ll like her words; some are serious, some are hilarious, some are poetic, and some stay with you all day. And she has photos that make your eyes happy. It’s hard not to stare, but she doesn’t mind. She’s kind that way. She provides music and videos, too. If you want to make like a vinyl record and get your groove on, you’ll have to check out some of her 5-Minute Dance Party videos. Some people get up and dance around the room when they listen to these videos, at least that’s what I heard, but I can’t tell you who told me.


I hope you enjoy your visit to Bluebird Blvd. today. Once you visit, you’ll want to go back everyday. That’s what I do.

11 thoughts on “Blogging away from home

  1. Talk to me...I'm your Mother

    Had to stop by to see if you were “blogging away…from home”, or “blogging…away from home”.

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